Why We’re Getting Excited About EverEngage

The late Lakers owner Jerry Buss once said, “it has to be more than just basketball.” He was a mastermind at innovative business marketing, giving rise to the “Showtime Era” centered on the Laker girls building hype, selling out arenas and stirring nationwide buzz. We too, at EverEngage, hope to do the same. For us, it is more than just email marketing. EverEngage is modeled on that same principle of “delivering experiences and not just emails!”

The Art of Engagement Marketing: Delivering Experiences Through Email (Part 2 of 3)

With round-the-clock availability of omnipresent connections driven by the internet, a “digital experience” has taken form as a major component of “customer experience”. No matter the touch point, people are always online, and as these touch points increase, so do customer expectations. The art of Engagement Marketing affords the prime opportunity to engage, influence and dictate what a customer’s experience will feel like.

Introducing EverEngage!

Want your emails to make you money while you sleep? The simple one-liner made famous by the character Gordon Gekko in the movie WALL STREET said it best, “Money never sleeps, pal,” and neither should your email marketing. We all know that email is king (with the highest return on investment than any other marketing medium) and we have been hard at work on a cool new tool you want to be in the know about and among the first to use. It is the next evolution in email marketing! An intuitive product that will help you send better emails, period!