Marketer’s Monday: November 20th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. Side Project Marketing Is the New KingLink

    How side project marketing can be an effective marketing alternate to convert between the more traditional advertising and content marketing avenues.

  2. How Shopify Grew From a Snowboard Shop to a $10B Commerce EcosystemLink

    A look at how Shopify has assisted merchants in better connecting with their consumers, understanding the market and adapting to changes to ensure a successful commerce ecosystem.

  3. The Mobile Marketer's Guide to Mastering User RetentionLink

    A mobile marketer's guide with actionable resources to mastering user retention.

  4. How to Use A/B Testing and Personalization Best TogetherLink

    How to best use A/B testing in conjunction with personalization to drive better results when it comes to converting to sales.

  5. Four Strategies to Win Big with Low Frequency MarketplacesLink

    A short read on 4 strategies that teach businesses how to thrive and drive sales in low frequency marketplaces.

  6. 12 Email GIF Examples To Boost Your Click Through RatesLink

    An email GIF guide that helps boost clock-through rates to achieve higher conversions.

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