Marketer’s Monday: September 18th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. Avoid Abandoned Shopping Carts Through EmailsLink

    How to reclaim lost sales opportunities with implementation of marketing automation tactics to resolve customer shopping cart abandonment.

  2. How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing: A Detailed GuideLink

    A detailed guide on how to grow your email marketing business and maximize visits to your website for e-commerce success.

  3. The Ultimate Slide Deck Collection to Help You Excel As a Growth HackerLink

    A section of slide decks on growth hacking fundamentals that illuminate the different areas of expertise to identify and further explore.

  4. What I Learned Analyzing 13 Years of Basecamp Home PagesLink

    A useful look back at Basecamp's home page evolution in terms of their website copy and how it leads to brand success.

  5. How AdRoll drives 97% customer retention by helping customers outside the appLink

    How AdRoll and the ability to use data to scale personalized customer communication is instrumental in driving customer retention.

  6. Map Your Ecommerce Marketing to the Customer LifecycleLink

    4 Main life-cycle stages to study to encourage personalized marketing in helping your e-commece customers better engage with your brand.

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