Marketer’s Monday: February 20th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. 7 Customer Retention Strategies That Will Boost Your Revenue By 220%Link

    Top tactics to boost revenue and increase Revenue Multipliers by 30%.

  2. Why Native Advertising is the Future of Content MarketingLink

    A closer look at how the future of online content marketing is contingent on Native Advertising.

  3. How To Build A Lead Follow Up Machine On SlackLink

    A discussion on the significance of immediately response follow up on an inbound marketing lead.

  4. These Six Content Marketing Tactics Will Give You 142% More Traffic in Six MonthsLink

    SIX for SIX: 6 Content marketing super tactics for significant growth in 6 month’s time.

  5. How I Grew from Zero to 1 Million UsersLink

    An updated version of an in-depth look at’s success and exponential growth in users.

  6. How We Increased Our Email Response Rate from ~8% to 34%Link

    Learning to give credence to timing of email reply rates, guest blogging and email outreach to increase ROI.

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