Marketer’s Monday: March 6th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. How to Design Marketing Campaigns: The Importance of Market SegmentationLink

    The process of outlining practical tactics to employ when designing successful marketing campaigns by way of proper market segmentation.

  2. The Reasons Behind Tesla's High Net Promoter ScoreLink

    A brief look at how Tesla's innovative features to perfecting customer experience are the defining ingredient for marketing success, as set forth by Net Promoter Score ratings.

  3. Are You Forgetting About Middle of the Funnel Content?Link

    Focus in on middle of the funnel content to bridge the gap when encouraging website users to navigate from introductory and social media content to decision stage content that converts.

  4. What is Agile Marketing? — And Why B2B Should Listen UpLink

    The principle of agile marketing with its foundations governing flexibility, transparency, predictability and adaptability to help B2B marketing teams strive for success with high levels of growth.

  5. We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here's What We Learned About YouTube SEOLink

    A closer look at YouTube SEO and the interesting dynamic of how views, comments and shares are correlating with rankings.

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