Marketer’s Monday: April 3rd, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. Five Lessons from Scaling PinterestLink

    5 Critical lessons from scaling Pinterest and overall hyper-growth companies.

  2. Stop Guessing & Start Growing: 6 Proven, In-Depth Conversion Research Methods to Increase Your Ecommerce SalesLink

    6 E-commerce tips to grow your site based on hard research to effectively convert data into actionable optimization insights.

  3. 30-day trial? 14-day? Freemium? Here's why it probably doesn't matterLink

    A closer look at how the length of a free trial period or "freemium" affects SaaS conversions and revenue growth.

  4. 23 Tactics to Create Urgency and Grow Your eCommerce ConversionsLink

    23 Tactics to effectively create urgency to nudge your target audience into making a decision in your favor in order to boost your E-commerce conversions.

  5. 4 Principles for Making Experimentation CountLink

    4 Principles to guide you through experimentation with your business as a tool to gain the best understanding of your users, product and essentially your business.

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