Marketer’s Monday: October 30th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. A/B Testing - You're doing it wrongLink

    A great article on how to effectively A/B test in a way to drive everlasting results.

  2. Your first ten customersLink

    10 Vital ways to earn leads to enhance your development, marketing and sales efforts.

  3. How Quantitative UX Research Differs from Data AnalyticsLink

    4 Key distinctions between quantitative UX research and data analytics.

  4. 56 Experts Uncover the 13 Quickest Ways to Increase Ecommerce SalesLink

    13 Quickest ways including tips and tricks from leading experts in marketing to increase your eCommerce sales.

  5. The Definitive Guide To SEO In 2018Link

    A productive start to SEO for 2018 and how to up your SEO game for the coming year.

  6. How we Bootstrapped our SaaS Startup to Ramen ProfitabilityLink

    Money saving tips for SaaS startups to inspire growth and encourage forward thinking marketability.

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