Marketer’s Monday: March 13th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. Product People, Mind the Gap!Link

    Learning to inform users on what they stand to gain and benefit from your product/service so they are invested in returning to your site and the love for your service/product particulars.

  2. How we hijacked Google's SEO guide search rankingsLink

    An interesting experiment on hijacking Google rankings and strategies for competitive industries online.

  3. Growth Hacking Strategies: How 43 Founders Landed Their First CustomersLink

    Growth strategies of successful company founders that have gained traction and the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of customers.

  4. 24 Business & Marketing Podcasts to Listen To in 2017Link

    2017's Leading 24 podcasts to listen to and learn from on business and marketing success tactics.

  5. Quit Making Emotional Decisions About Business GrowthLink

    A quick read on making business marketing decisions in a non-emotional fashion grounded in educated informed criteria.

  6. 10 Super Ninja Ways You Can Find Any Email Address And Avoid Being Pushy At SalesLink

    Going back to the basics by reminding ourselves the importance of email as still the best mode for communicating with target audiences in a precise and effective mode of communication that effectively converts.

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