Marketer’s Monday: November 6th, 2017

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. The 11 Most Awe-Inspiring Sales Talks From 2017Link

    A compilation of the top 11 posts for the most awe inspiring sales talks from 2017.

  2. How to Write Ecommerce Emails That Don't Annoy the Crap out of Your ReadersLink

    Neil Patel sets forth actionable tips on writing successful eCommerce emails that resonate with your intended audiences.

  3. Why Startups Suck at MarketingLink

    A closer look at 8 common startup mistakes with quick growth hacking and how to better avoid them.

  4. [Your Company] in 100 WordsLink

    Fine tuning your company culture and identity to under 100 words as the foundation to building a brand that is authentic, consistent and to be trusted.

  5. 8 Post-Sale Emails To Turn New Buyers Into Lifelong FansLink

    8 Follow up post sales emails to boost customer retention and generate repeat business with loyal customers who increase your bottom line profits.

  6. Explaining The Real Growth-Hacking. Yes That's Really The Title.Link

    Understanding the true nature of growth hacking in terms of the actual growth process based on a systematic approach to realizing a business's objectives one goal at a time.

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