Marketer’s Monday: January 8th, 2018

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Here are your top hand-picked posts of the week:

  1. Early Adopter Marketing – How startups get their first usersLink

    The critical initial users buildup and early adopter marketing to make your startup into a real contender.

  2. Branding for BuildersLink

    A look at Netflix marketing and how they built a relationship between customer and product that transcends time.

  3. How to Rank in 2018: The SEO ChecklistLink

    The ultimate 2018 nine-point checklist to successfully get your website to rank.

  4. What TED Can Teach Us About MarketingLink

    What Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) can teach us marketers about inspiring successful email campaigns.

  5. How Voice Will Dominate Future & How To Prepare Your Online Business?Link

    How audio consumption and voice will dominate the space of online marketing in the imminent future to come.

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