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Want your emails to make you money while you sleep?


The simple one-liner made famous by the character Gordon Gekko in the movie WALL STREET said it best, “Money never sleeps, pal,” and neither should your email marketing…

We all know that email is king (with the highest return on investment than any other marketing medium) and we have been hard at work on a cool new tool you want to be in the know about and among the first to use. It is the next evolution in email marketing! An intuitive product that will help you send better emails, period!

EverEngage is a smart “data-driven” email marketing company that enables businesses to connect with their customers using email. Our mission is to re-imagine email marketing in ways that cultivate more fulfilling and long-lasting relationships through email. We passionately believe in the simple, not the complex!

It all starts with the promise of a perfectly created email, targeted with the right content, and at the right time… In it’s simplest form, it’s really all about delivering content that make human connections out of non-human processes.

Our goal is to keep your customers happy while increasing your conversions and profits using email. EverEngage with its data-driven email automation works around the clock, with optimized send times for maximum impact. We ultimately deliver experiences, not just emails and your customers will love you for it!

In the spotlight….

SOLUTION: EverEngage has done away with the “hair pulling” moments of many email marketers and business owners today trying to devise an email campaign. No longer is a technical team required to design an email or newsletter or to run crazy queries about performance data or customer metrics.

AUTOMATION: Unlike Responsys, Bronto, Pardot, etc. that are complicated to use, expensive and often require long-term commitments, EverEngage makes email automation friendly both in use and cost, helping improve your business by taking over the leg work. You set it up once, and we do the rest… timing, sending and tracking.

SEGMENTATION: With EverEngage, you can target specific segments of your subscriber lists based on their interest to further open rates and customer retention. Using “Smart Content”, you can send unique and specific content to groups of subscribers segmented based on their preferences, engagement metrics and past behavior.

If you already haven’t done so, signup to join our audience today, so that you can be among the first to get a sneak peak.

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