Importance of Data Driven Email Marketing

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“Data will not help you if you can’t see it when you need it.”

This quote was recently taken from Bill Wasik from his recent publication “Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone“. In his publication he describes how competitive athletes utilize data analytics to improve their performance to create a leading edge over their competitors. In marketing it is the same game and the biggest advantage one can have in improving their customer engagement level is by catering advertisement that fits with their customers lifestyle and history.

This tactic is often used with positive return at real estate offices where realtors learn as much about their prospect as they can in order to be able to offer their client the most unique and catered experience that will guarantee a sale. The problem is though if your website has over a million customers catering advertisement based on a customers characteristics turns into a monstrous task and where do you even start?

Importance of Data Driven Email Marketing by EverEngage

All too often the data that can be utilized is missed and never recorded and worst of all when it is recorded it is either not used at it’s full potential or is lost. Digging into the average e-Commerce store there are: Recent Orders, Wish Lists, Recently Viewed Items, Abandoned Shopping carts and more data that is available to the e-Commerce store but is never utilized.

EverEngage makes it easy to tap into the data mine that is hidden inside e-Commerce platforms. Making custom data driven emails shouldn’t be a monotonous task and shouldn’t require a PhD in Machine Learning from MIT. We have heard it loud and clear from e-Commerce store owners and marketers that they want a better way to engage with customers and we are working day and night to make it possible. So the next time when you are about send the same newsletter to all your customers, stop and think, am I sending a plain advertisement message or am I delivering an experience that is sure to make an impact.

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